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Mettler Toledo BBA 422 6kg Balance

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Mettler Toledo LC-P45 Printer


Mettler Toledo ME-4002E Balance

Specifications - Precision Balance ME4002E/A04 Maximum Capacity 4.2 kg Readability 0.01 g Interfaces RS232 Adjustment External Legal for Trade Yes Repeatability (typical) 0.007 g Minimum Weight (U=1%, k=2), typical 1.4 g Settling...

Mettler Toledo MS3002TS Balance

Capacity 3,200 g Readability 0.01 g Pan Size 6.7 x 7.9" (170 x 200 mm) Repeatability 0.01 g Linearity deviation 0.02 g Typical Values Repeatability 0.007 g Linearity deviation 0.006...

Mettler Toledo RS-P42 Pinter


Mettler Toledo XP204 Balance for Sale

Max capacity 220g Readability 0.1mg Analytical balances offer high speed, high performance and security features for measurements, users and data. SmartGrid™ Weighing PanMinimizes effects of turbulence in the weighing chamber...

Mettler Toledo XP504 Balance

Capacity 520 gReadability 0.1 mgPan Size 78 x 73 mm / 3.07 x 2.87"Linearity ± 0.4 mgRepeatability 0.1 mgEccentric load deviation (test load, According to OIML R76) 0.4 mg (200...

Mettler Toledo XP504DR Balance for Sale

Maximum Capacity 520 g/120 gReadability 1 mg;0.1 mgMinimum Weight (USP), Typical 82 mgRepeatability (Test Weight) 0.1 mg (20 g)Linearity ± 0.5 mgSettling Time1.5 sDimensions (DxHxW) 487 mm x 322 mm x 263 mm  Click here to...

Mettler Toledo XPE1202S Balance for Sale

Max Capacity 1210g Readability 10mg  Specifications Capacity 1210g Connection Type RS-232, Ethernet, Bluetooth, RFID Readability 10 mg Repeatability 8mg Material Solid metal housing; stainless-steel weighing pan Electrical Requirements 100-240V AC,...

Mettler Toledo XPE2002S Balance

Price is for Balance ONLY. Printer is additional $340.00  Maximum Capacity 2.1 kg Readability 0.01 g Weighing Pan Dimensions (DxW) 172 mm x 205 mm Legal for Trade No Linearity...

Mettler Toledo XS105DR Balance

Dual range balance Fine range: 0.01mg readability, 41g capacity Full range: 0.1mg readability, 120g capacity RS232 data communication port The Mettler Toledo is a XS105DU is a dual range balance...

Mettler Toledo XS2002S Balance for Sale

Maximum Capacity 2100 g Readability 10 mg Platform  Excellence XS precision balances are designed for highest efficiency in everyday operation. They combine speed, reliability and ease of use in a...

Mettler Toledo XS4002s Balance

Mettler Toledo - XS4002S Capacity Max 4100g D = 0.01g Pan Size 170 x 205 mm / 6.69 x 8.07" Taring range 0 - 4,100 g Repeatability 8 mg Linearity±...

Mettler Toledo XSE105DU Balance for Sale

Excellent condition, tested and ready to ship. Includes 30 day money back guarantee! Specifications - Balance XSE105DU Maximum Capacity 41 g/120 g Readability 0.01 mg; 0.1 mg Repeatability (Test Weight) 0.02 mg (5...

Mettler XS6002S Balance

Capacity 6,100 g Readability 0.01 g Pan Size 170 x 205 mm / 6.69 x 8.07" Taring range 0 - 6,100 g Repeatability 8 mg Linearity ± 20 mg Eccentric...

New In Box Mettler Toledo XP32001L Balance

Maximum Capacity 32.1 kg Readability 0.1 g Specifications - Balance XS32001L Maximum Capacity 32.1 kg Readability 0.1 g Weighing Pan Dimensions (DxW)360 mm x 280 mm Legal for Trade No Linearity ±0.3...

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