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Category: Balances
Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo® - XPE26 - Microbalance

The XPE26 micro balance from Mettler Toledo incorporates the latest weighing technology available. This balance has a capacity of 26 grams with a readability of 0.001 milligram (1 µg) to full capacity. As with all of the XPE series of balances, the XPE26 has a large color touchscreen display that is detachable from the main unit. The status indicator flashes green when the balance is ready to weigh, yellow warns of an a error and red indicates that the balance is not ready to weigh. Also standard with the XPE series, Mettler Toledo incorporates a new, embedded, static detect technology to warn the user when static conditions are out of tolerance. The XPE series also features the SmartGrid weighing pan which minimizes the effects of air turbulence and allows spilled samples to fall to the dip tray below the pan so that they do not affect results. XPE micro-analytical balance also come standard with proFACT adjustment technology and can be fitted with Mettler's (optional) static eleminator.


Mettler Toledo - XPE26
Capacity 22 g
Readability 0.001 mg
Pan Size 40 x 40 mm
Tare range 0 - 22 g
Repeatability (nominal) (sd) 0.0025 mg (20 g)
Repeatability (5% load) (sd) 0.0015 mg
Linearity deviation 0.006 mg
Eccentricity (test load) 0.02 mg (10 g)
Sensitivity offset (test weight) 0.08 mg (20 g)
Sensitivity temperature drift 0.0001%/°C
Sensitivity stability 0.0001%/year
USP minimum sample weight (5% load, k=2, u=0.10%) 1.4 mg
Minimum sample weight (5% load, k=2, u=1%) 0.14 mg
Settling time 3.5 seconds