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Category: Bioreactors
The BIOSTAT® Qplus is a new generation of Fermentor|Bioreactor systems designed for parallel operation with high throughput capability. The combination of a newly engineered control system launches small scale cultivation vessels into a new era of biotechnology screening. The BIOSTAT® Qplus has the capability to control fully independently up to twelve culture vessels with minimal manual operation. Application-driven configured packages for microbial and cell culture provide everything to get started immediately. The BIOSTAT® Qplus is available with saleable culture vessel working volumes of 0.5 L and 1 L. The BIOSTAT® Qplus is delivered with a completely configured software package. A 3-fold, 6-fold, 9-fold system can be easily extended with a 3-fold vessel supply tower extension kit up to a 12-fold system without expensive software extensions. For further enhancement of system performance, a powerful supervisory process control software MFCS|DA for extended visualization, data acquisition and trend display are included.