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Category: Bioreactors
Manufacturer: GE Healthcare

The XDR Single-Use Bioreactor is a fully-integrated system that delivers proven stirred-tank performance across a wide range of cell lines. Single use technology eliminates time consuming and costly clean in place (CIP), steam in place (SIP) and cleaning validation procedures. The system’s turnkey design enables fast installation and startup as well as rapid batch-to-batch turnover and increased process flexibility compared to fixed stainless steel hard piped vessels. The XDR is offered in five sizes (50, 200, 500, 1000, and 2000L) with working volumes ranging from 10L to 2,000L. The system’s unique design enables each XDR to operate down to 20% of maximum working volume (5:1 turn-down ratio), which can often eliminate the need for an additional seed reactor and related costs. Each reactor system includes a stainless steel vessel, vital process instrumentation, state-of-the-art control automation, and an optimized single-use bioreactor bag assembly.

- Efficient, Convenient Vessel Design The vessel features a dimpled jacket heat transfer surface for efficient heating and cooling, a high performance bottom mounted magnetic drive agitator system that facilitates loading and coupling of the single-use bag assembly, load cells for weight measurement, an exhaust filter heater box, flexible hoses for the heat transfer fluid, and a tubing manager. - Critical Process Instrumentation Mass flow controllers, peristaltic pumps, and probe transmitters are built into the cabinet adjacent to the vessel, and an external temperature control unit is available as an option for process heating/cooling. The system requires only gases, power and minimal water for full functionality.

- Powerful, User-Friendly Controls The XDR is equipped with a fully integrated control console, featuring intuitive process controls, data historian, and robust automation hardware/software. The system enables precise process control, and offers convenient real-time trending and other valuable data. When coupled with Xcellerex’s process development experience and predictive modeling support, the XDR control platform assures optimized first-run process performance and reliability through tech transfer and scale-up.

- Robust Single-Use Components The XDR irradiated single-use bag assembly consists of a USP Class VI LDPE fluid contact layer, tubing for liquid additions and harvest, sampling and probe ports, a disposable pressure sensor, filtered gas lines, and high-functioning agitator system. The agitator includes a HDPE bottom mounted impeller and a unique sparge system consisting of microporous stainless steel disks and optional drilled holes that together impart the system with tremendous flexibility crucial for today’s cell culture processes. Xcellerex also maintains multiple supply sources to guard against supply chain disruptions.

Key XDR Advantages:- 5:1 turndown means each XDR can operate at 20% of maximum working volume, doing the work of multiple reactors- True plug-and-play performance: Connect gases and power and get started - Robust, self-installing magnetically-driven bottom-mount impeller: No rotating seals, insertable shafts and connection hassles. - Jacketed vessel ensures uniform temperature distribution throughout reactor - Flexible control systems automate temperature shifts, feeds, changes to sparge composition - Multiple probe configurations available, including pH, DO, CO2, and biomass - Accurate gas control using mass flow controllers on all systems (optional MFC for headspace on XDR50) - Bag material sourced from multiple manufacturers for supply chain security - Single-use design eliminates time consuming CIP, SIP and cleaning validations procedures