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Sku: BLE1700352
Category: Bioreactors
Manufacturer: HEL Ltd
This system is not complete.  Does not include PC and may need additional components that we are not aware of.  

System Includes:

Triple Walled - Jacketed Glass Chemical Reactor
Heidolph RZR 2051 Controller
Gala 1602TTT0002UA002000 Stirrer Controller
​Jacketed Reactors 

The Standard Range
Reactors are available from a standard 250mL to 20L, but other sizes can be accomodated on request. Interchange of reactors is widely supported across the vessel range, with typically just a change of stirrer required. Self-sealing "Quick-Connects" remove the need to drain oil-jackets and make vessel interchange a quick and clean operation.

Reactors are divided into three basic types...
  • Glass with an oil jacket (with or without optional vacuum jacket)
  • Metal with an oil jacket
  • Metal with an electrical jacket.
A range of options are available within each of the catergories and your HEL representative can assist in the selection of the best vessel for a given application.
Standard vessels are rated to 250° C, and electrical heating allows for operations up to 500° C.