Centrifuge Rotors

Fixed angle rotors or swinging buckets, our centrifuge rotors will undoubtedly spin you (and your samples) off your feet!

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Beckman TA-15-1.5 Rotor

TA-15-1.5 Fixed-Angle Rotor, Aluminum. Major applications: Pelleting subcellular organelles, nucleic acids, viruses, bacteria, mitochondria, chloroplasts, or algae. Includes rotor, lid, and O-ring. Product Features: 30 x 1.5-2.2 mL bottles/tubes, Spins...

Beckman TLA 100.3 Fixed Angle Centrifuge Rotor

For use in the Optima™ MAX-XP Benchtop Ultracentrifuge, Optima™ TLX personal micro-ultracentrifuges, Optima™ MAX high-capacity personal micro-ultracentrifuges, and the discontinued TL-100 and Optima™ TL micro-ultracentrifuges.  

Beckman TLS-55 Swinging Bucket Centrifuge Rotor for Sale

​Aluminum Rotor with 4 Titanium Buckets, 4 x 2.2 mL, 55,000 rpm, 259,000 x g   

Dupont Sorvall AH-650 Swing Bucket Rotor

Dupont Sorvall AH-650 Swing Bucket Rotor Swinging bucket aluminum rotor Capacity: 6 × 5mL (0.03L) Max. speed/RCF: 50,000rpm/296,005 x g K factor: 53 Angle: 90°

Eppendorf F-45-18-11-Kit Centrifuge Rotor for Sale

Fixed-angle kit rotor with maximum rotational speed of 14,680 RPM or relative centrifugal force (rcf) of 18,111 x g 18-place tube array holds miniprep spin columns and 1.5/ 2.0 mL...

Eppendorf F-45-18-11-Kit Rotor

feature to hold 18 x 1.5/2.0 mL tubes to hold 18 x spin columns incl.lid packaging pack of 1 ea mfr. no. Eppendorf®, 5424706002 parameter 15,000 max. RCF (18,111 xg ) application(s) centrifugation: suitable compatibility for use with centrifuge...

Eppendorf FA-45-24-11 Centrifuge Rotor

 Feature lid to hold 24 x 1.5/2.0 mL tubes aerosol tight fixed angle rotor with PTFE-coating packaging pack of 1 ea mfr. no. Eppendorf®, 022653041 (NA) Eppendorf®, 5424700004 (EU) parameter 21,130 × g max. RCF application(s) centrifugation: suitable compatibility for use...

Eppendorf FA45-30-11 Centrifuge Rotor

30x1.5/2.0ml tubes Aerosol tight fixed angle rotor 

Fiberlite F14-6x250LE Rotor

Specifications: Capacity (ml) 6x250 Tube Dimensions (mm) 62x125 Angle 23 Maximum Speed (rpm) 11,000 K Factor 2578 Net Weight (kg) 6.6

FiberLite F14BCI 6x250y Centrifuge Rotor for Sale

6x250mL, 14000 RPM Rotor, comes with the original Bag. In excellent condition, cleaned and is ready to ship Comes with our 30 day money back warranty Fiberlite Rotors These lightweight,...

Fiberlite Piramoon H3 Microplate Rotor for Sale

Excellent working condition. Max Capacity 2x500ml (1L) Maximum RCF 1,940g Max Speed 3,200 rpm K factor 5096 3,200 RPM ​For use with Beckman J6 Series Large Capacity Centrifuges  Click here...

Fisher Scientific 3450 Swing Bucket Rotor

The Fisher Scientific 75003450 Swing Bucket Rotor is used with Accuspin 1 and 1R centrifuges. The 3450 can reach speeds up to 4,000 RPM and 3,345 x g and has...

In Original Box - Beckman JS-13.1 Centrifuge Rotor

JS-13.1 Swinging-Bucket Rotor, Aluminum Major applications: Harvesting bacteria, processing tissue homogenates, separating cell particulates. Isolation of cell membrane using density gradients. For use in Avanti® J Series and J2 Series...

Jouan AC 15.4 11175755 Centrifuge Rotor

AC 15.4 High Throughput Blood Tube Rotor Cat. No. 11175755 Description Angle rotor Capacity 30 x 15 mL Max Tube (mm) 17.5 Min/Max Tube Ht. (mm)  100/120 Radius (mm) 135 Max Speed  (rpm)  C3i : 4000 CR3i : 4100 Max RCF (xg) C3i : 2415  CR3i...

Jouan T40 11175710 Swing Bucket Rotor

Manufacturer: Jouan Model: T40 Catalog #: 11175710 Capacity: 4 x 280 ml Max Speed: 4,300 rpm Angle: 90º

New Fiberlite Piramoon Technologies F6B-6x1000y Rotor for Sale

New and in box For Beckman Centrifuges   Type :Fixed Angle Rotor Capacity 6 x 1,000mL Max. RCF 15,900 x g Max. Speed 8,500rpm Radius (Metric) 196mm Radius (Metric) Min .54mm K Factor 5096 Max. Tube...

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