Antonin Prandtl is credited for the invention of the centrifuge. Back in 1864, it was used in order to separate milk and cream at an industrial scale. Prandtl's legendary (or should we say legend-dairy) invention has become today one of the most commonly used laboratory instruments. You can browse our wide selection of benchtop centrifuges, thermo centrifuges and more on our website.

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Beckman Coulter Allegra 6R Benchtop Centrifuge

Height:394 mm (15.5 in)  Width:546 mm (21.5 in) Depth:660 mm (26 in) Weight:51.7 kg (114.0 lb) Approximate Acceleration Time:1 min Approximate Deceleration Time:3 min Drive Type: Direct drive replaceable brushes...

Beckman Coulter Allegra X-15R Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge

Photographed Rotors are optional, please in inquire​The Allegra® X-15R spins up-to three liters at 5,250 x g and processes up-to 148 tubes per cycle — ideal for high-throughput labs.  Powerful built-in refrigeration system...

Beckman Coulter Allegra X-22R Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge with SX4250 Rotor

Maximum speed: 14,500 RPM Maximum rotor capacity: 8 x 50 mL or 2 x 96-well plates Timer range: 9 hours 59 minutes to continuous Dimensions: 18.1" w x 21.7" d...

Beckman Coulter Microfuge 18 Centrifuge

Fast - Powerful g-Force for Fast and Optimal Pelleting  Maintenance-free rotor spins up to 14,000 rpm (18,000 x g) Ideal for fast pelleting of DNA, RNA and proteins, and cell virus isolation...

Beckman Coulter Optima Max-TL Ultracentrifuge

Features Designed to ensure optimal performance and safety, this ultracentrifuge features a multi-level approach to biosafety, a color LCD touchscreen for quick setup and execution, and multilingual software available in...

Beckman Coulter Optima Max-XP Ultracentrifuge

Rotors available for an additional cost.   The Optima™ MAX-XP tabletop ultracentrifuge is a power-packed solution that delivers fast, efficient separations from samples as small as 175 μL up to 32.4...

Beckman Coulter X-12R Refrigerated Centrifuge

Allegra® X-12 series benchtop centrifuges streamline cell and general separations. Numerical Keypad for Quick Value Entry Temperature Control for up to 10 Minutes after Rotor Stopped Automatic Initial Soft Start...
$5,100.00 $4,600.00

Beckman Optima TLX Ultracentrifuge 120,000 RPM Model 361545

Beckman Optima TLX Ultracentrifuge 120,000 RPM Model 361545  in Excellent Working and Cosmetic Condition Optima TLX features: Maximum performance capabilities of 657,000 x g Sample volumes ranging from 0.2 mL to...

Eppendorf 5702R Refrigerated Centrifuge

Product Information The 5702 family of low speed, general purpose centrifuges was especially designed to meet the requirement of low- to mid-throughput research and cell culture labs. They are compact...

Hettich Rotanta 460 Robotic Refrigerated Centrifuge

Max. Capacity80 blood tubes/16 plates Max. RPM/RCF6,200/6,446 Temp. Control-20 to +40ºC

Thermo Sorvall Evolution RC Superspeed Centrifuge

OPTIONAL - SLC-6000 6 Liter Rotor Available for Additional cost Excellent working condition, tested and ready to ship. Includes 30 day money back guarantee! Evolution RC Specifications: Capacity:  6L Max. Speed:   26,000rpm  Max. RCF:   70,450xg ...

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