Incubator Shakers

The earliest incubators date as far back as ancient Egypt and ancient china. Their purpose? Keeping chicken eggs warm. It isn't until the 19th century that the incubator was revamped and used as a tool to produce an ideal environment for the maintenance of cell cultures. In the 1960s, incubators got even better when New Brunswick Scientific melded the functionality of a laboratory shaker and an incubator in the first incubator shakers.

Incubator shakers are one of the items we deal in the most! We often have incubator shakers from Infors HT, New Brunswick Scientific, and other reputable manufacturers. Whether you need just one or a whole stack of incubator shakers, we'll have what you need.

We also occasionally get incubators which do not shake and shakers that do not incubate, and you'll find those here as well.

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Infors HT Multitron Incubator Shaker

Top Unit ONLY -25mm ShakingHumidityCooling

Infors HT Multitron & Multitron PRO Double Stacked Incubator Shaker

Top Unit - PRO Includes: 25mm Shaking Humidity CO2   Bottom Unit - Multitron Includes: 50mm Shaking Humidity CO2 Air Pump

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