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Apricot Designs iPIPETTEPRO Auto Pipette Station

Apricot Designs iPIPETTEPRO Auto Pipette Station   Model iPPA2MS

Beckman Coulter Biomek FXp Dual Arm Automation workstation with Span-8 and P30/384 Heads

Workstation Includes P30/384 Head and Span-8 Dual Arm as picturedP200/96 Head available  ​Biomek® FXP Laboratory Automation WorkstationThe Biomek FXP is the latest entry in the Biomek line. With an up-to-date hardware...

Beckman Coulter Biomek NXP with Span-8 and rotating gripper

Biomek NXP features easy-to-use, icon-driven software and a library of ready-to-run methods. Configure the instrument to your specifications and choose from a wide range of components to build your optimal solution: ...

Beckman Coulter P200/96 multichannel pipetting head

Beckman Coulter P200/96 is a 96-multichannel pipetting head to be used with the BioMek FX

Caliper Life Sciences Zephyr Liquid Handling System

Caliper Life Sciences Zephyr Liquid Handling System Performance Liquid Handling Option Volume Range Characteristic Performance* Tip Options HV Pipetting Head (96 Channels) 1-200 µL 1-5 µL: CV < 5% 5-200...

Cedrex A/S CSD-24 Screwcapper

Cedrex A/S CSD-24 Screwcapper

CTC Analytics MC 04-01 3 Drawer Cool Stack

CTC Analytics Stack Cooler DW (Part No. MC 04-01) complete with power supply (Part No. MN 03-00).This LEAP Technologies 3 Drawer Cool Stack is in excellent condition. It provides cooling for...

Eppendorf epMotion 5075 with Control Panel and Optional Channel Tools

​Optional Channel Tools - Single Channel $1,800.00 each TS 100 (400-1000µL)​TS 300 (20-300µL)TS 50 (1-50µL) ​Optional Channel Tools - 8 Channel $2,600.00 each ​TM 1000-8 (400-1000µL)TM 300-8 (20-300µL)TM 50-8 (1-50µL) ​ Eppendorf...

Leap Technologies CTC Analytics HTS Pal Autosampler

The HTC PAL provides a reliable, compact prep and load system for high throughput screening. The HTC PAL automatically opens a stack drawer, aspirates the sample from the microplate and...

Mettler Toledo ALLEXis


Mettler Toledo Rainin Liquidator 96-200uL Manual Pipettor System

Mettler Toledo Rainin Liquidator 96-200uL Manual Pipettor System Liquidator96, 5-200 µL LIQ-96-200 Liquidator96 - Fast 96-Well Pipetting.Liquidator™ 96-channel benchtop pipettor, volume range 5-200 μL, uses LTS™ LiteTouch™ tips. Consistent sample...

PerkinElmer JANUS 8 Tip Automated Workstation

JANUS 8 Tip Automated Workstation workstations include a portfolio of  precision liquid handling solutions that provide adaptability in throughput, plate capacity and dynamic volume range to meet your current and...

Phenix Research Cedrex A/S CDU XSD-96 Capper/Decapper

XSD-96 Automated Whole Rack Screw Cap Tube Capper / Decapper, for 96 well format racks - A benchtop, high-speed whole rack tube capper/decapper that can automatically remove and dispose of screw...

Qiagen QIACube

Specifications Altitude Up to 2000 m Centrifuge 12,000 x g maximum, swing-out rotor with 12 positions, maximum 45° Humidity Relative humidity of 10-75% (noncondensing) Instrument dimensions 650 x 620 x...

Thermo Electron RapidStak 2X Microplate Stacker (4 Staks Model)

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Thermo RapidStak Microplate Stacker

Rapid, High Throughput High speed is made possible via a unique buffer nest technology that allows for parallel processing of stacking and plate loading Unique choreography and bidirectional telescoping arm...

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