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Had Hans and Zacharias Janssen not placed a lens at the bottom and at the top of a tube, peaked through it, and noticed that objects on the other side were magnified, the microscope might have never seen the light. This rudimentary invention dating back to the 16th century has become today a cornerstone in every laboratory; We at Boston Laboratory Equipment help to ensure your lab can access top-notch microscopes at an affordable price

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Nikon E600 Eclipse Microscope

This microscope is equipped with epi-Fluorescence filters capability Nikon's Eclipse E600 research microscope is equipped with the revolutionary CFI60 infinity optical system, providing bright, sharp, crisp and clear images in all...

Nikon EFD-3 HFX Optiphot Microscope

Nikon EFD-3 Microscope with 5 objectives ( X10PlanApo, X40Plan X60Oil X100Oil and X100Plan) Light source: Halogen bulb Florescence light source: High pressure mercury lamp  UV filters selection mechanism ( no filters...

Singer Instruments MSM 400 Dissection Microscope

FOOTPRINT L: 56 cm x W: 74 cm x H: 56 cm (64 cm w/camera) WEIGHT 30 kg POWER REQUIREMENTS Voltage: 110 – 240V AC   CMOS CAMERA Bit Depth:...

Zeiss Apotome 1144-700 Structured Illumination Microscopy

Fluorescence excitation light passes through two glass plates in the ApoTome slider. The grid pattern found on the first glass plate is imprinted in the excitation light. The second glass...

Zeiss ID03 Invertoscope Inverted Microscope

Includes 3 objectives: 10x/0.22, 160/-, Ph1 F-LD 20x/0.25, 160/2, Ph1 3.2/0.07, 160/- Includes Eyepieces: KF 10X/18, High eyepoint (for use with or w/o corrective eyeglasses). One eyepiece has an adjustable diopter for...

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