Being the world's second largest manufacturer of steppers, which are used in semiconductor production, is one of the many achievements of Nikon Corporation. Famous for their many advances in optical and imaging products, Nikon microscopes are, to say the least, some of the best on the market.
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Nikon E600 Eclipse Microscope

This microscope is equipped with epi-Fluorescence filters capability Nikon's Eclipse E600 research microscope is equipped with the revolutionary CFI60 infinity optical system, providing bright, sharp, crisp and clear images in all...

Nikon EFD-3 HFX Optiphot Microscope

Nikon EFD-3 Microscope with 5 objectives ( X10PlanApo, X40Plan X60Oil X100Oil and X100Plan) Light source: Halogen bulb Florescence light source: High pressure mercury lamp  UV filters selection mechanism ( no filters...

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