Piramoon Technologies

Piramoon Technologies was a specialty manufacturer of centrifuge rotors. They were eventually acquired by Fiberlite, which was subsequently acquired by Thermo Fisher.
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Piramoon Fiberlite F18-12x50 Fixed Angle Centrifuge Rotor

Fixed angle (34°) rotor Capacity: 12 × 50mL K factor: 682 Max. speed/RCF: 16,500rpm/38,725 x g

Piramoon Technologies PTI Fiberlite F6B-6x1000y Centrifuge Rotor

Specifications . Max. radius (rmax): 196 mm . Min. radius (rmin): 54 mm . Tube Angle: 20° . Rotor Capacity: 6 x 1000 mL (6000 mL) . Max Tube Size:...

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