Piramoon Technologies

Piramoon Technologies was a specialty manufacturer of centrifuge rotors. They were eventually acquired by Fiberlite, which was subsequently acquired by Thermo Fisher.
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FiberLite F14BCI 6x250y Centrifuge Rotor for Sale

6x250mL, 14000 RPM Rotor, comes with the original Bag. In excellent condition, cleaned and is ready to ship Comes with our 30 day money back warranty Fiberlite Rotors These lightweight,...

Fiberlite Piramoon H3 Microplate Rotor for Sale

Excellent working condition. Max Capacity 2x500ml (1L) Maximum RCF 1,940g Max Speed 3,200 rpm K factor 5096 3,200 RPM ​For use with Beckman J6 Series Large Capacity Centrifuges  Click here...

New Fiberlite Piramoon Technologies F6B-6x1000y Rotor for Sale

New and in box For Beckman Centrifuges   Type :Fixed Angle Rotor Capacity 6 x 1,000mL Max. RCF 15,900 x g Max. Speed 8,500rpm Radius (Metric) 196mm Radius (Metric) Min .54mm K Factor 5096 Max. Tube...

Piramoon Fiberlite F10S-6x500y Rotor for Sale

  Reduce run-times with higher G-forces achieved through lightweight carbon fiber rotors Corrosion-and fatigue-resistant design for structural integrity Compatible with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ bottles and tubes for complete centrifuge solutions...

Piramoon Fiberlite F18-12x50 Fixed Angle Centrifuge Rotor

Fixed angle (34°) rotor Capacity: 12 × 50mL K factor: 682 Max. speed/RCF: 16,500rpm/38,725 x g

Piramoon Technologies FiberLite F14-6x250 Centrifuge Rotor

Fixed angle rotor, 6X250 mL, 14,000 RPM , Model F14B. Rotor is in excellent cosmetic condition , please see pictures of the inside and the bottom of the rotor. Click...

Piramoon Technologies FiberLite F14-6x250y Centrifuge Rotor for Sale

Compatible with RC2, RC5, RC6, RC26, Evolution RC centrifuges, 14000 RPM, 30074 xg Click here to see the Manual

Piramoon Technologies Fiberlite F40L-8x100 Fixed Angle Rotor

Type - Fixed Angle Material - Carbon Fiber Composite Capacity - 8x100ml Maximum Speed - 40,000rpm Tube Dimensions - 38x102mm Angle - 25° K Factor - 141 Net Weight -...

Piramoon Technologies Fiberlite F50L-8x39 Fixed Angle Rotor

Description Fiberlite F50L-8 x 39 Fixed-Angle Rotor Material Carbon Fiber Composite Type Fixed Angle Rotor Capacity 8 x 39mL Max. RCF 266,000 x g Max. Speed 50,000rpm Radius (Metric) 95.07mm...

Piramoon Technologies PTI Fiberlite F6B-6x1000y Centrifuge Rotor

Specifications . Max. radius (rmax): 196 mm . Min. radius (rmin): 54 mm . Tube Angle: 20° . Rotor Capacity: 6 x 1000 mL (6000 mL) . Max Tube Size:...

PTI Fiberlite F14B-6x250 Centrifuge Rotor

Capacity 6 x 250 mL Maximum RPM 10,000 Rotor Type Fixed Angle

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