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In the early 1950s, an influenza epidemic took Hungary by storm leading to a shrotage of laboratory equipment. This is where Gyula Takátsy, a Hungarian medical doctor, microbiologist and inventor comes in. Seeing how strained his country was because of the pandemic, Takátsy went on to develop the first microplate thus providing the market with an efficient and low-cost method for identifying the influenza virus. We at Boston Laboratory Equipment honor Dr. Gyula Takátsy by providing our customers with quality microplate readers, microplate washers, plate sealers and plate piercers at an affordable price.

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Molecular Devices Spectramax 190 Microplate Reader with PC, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

Click here to see the User Manual Click here to see the Specification Manual

Molecular Devices Spectramax Gemini XS including software loaded PC, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse


SpectraMax 340PC384 Microplate Reader including Computer

Benefits No filter system: Includes monochromator allowing up to 6 wavelengths at a time in the visible wavelength range and scanning ranges from 340-850 nm in 1 nm increments Easy...

Thermo Multiskan Spectrumeter with PC and Monitor

Technical specificationsPerformanceWavelength range 200 - 1000 nmRead-out range 0 - 4 AbsLinearity 0 - 3 Abs, ±2% at 450 nmAccuracy ± 1.0% or ± 0.005 Abs (0 - 2 Abs)±...

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