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Sku: BLE2200196
Manufacturer: Agilent

Agilent 2200 TapeStation

The Agilent TapeStation 2200 is an intuitive system for automating RNA, DNA, and protein sample quality control and reliable electrophoresis. This Agilent tape station can scale easily between tube strips, and 96 well plate formats, capturing results within one minute per sample.

Tape station systems use ScreenTape, that’s credit-card-sized and completely disposable with 16 lanes for individual analysis. These pre-packaged assays are loaded with the appropriate reagents already and feature multiple lanes, allowing you to process multiple samples at once without risk of contamination or carryover.

To begin, load the strip sample block or plate sample block into the tape station, followed by 16 loading tips held in the sample tip holder followed by the ScreenTape device. The 2200 TapeStation system will automatically recognize the sample plate type and ScreenTape device and load the required parameters. Users can then select the tubes or wells they wish to draw from through the simple interface

Data collected by this tape station is streamlined, and the robust software makes it easy to check the concentration and sizing of a sample by automatically providing it. The Agilent software also provides regional analysis for fast sizing and quantification, with compressed reporting, sample comparisons, zooming, and scaling, and generates multiple formats for export.