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Manufacturer: BioTek Instruments
Bio-Tek ELx405 R Select in Excellent Condition

System Capabilities:
  • Waste Sensor 
  • Valve Control
  • 96/386 Plate Capability​
Optional (For Aditional cost):

BioStack Microplate Stacker - $5,900

Vacuum Pump - $550

​Waste Bottles (heavy-walled) - $200

Waste Bottles with Level Sensor - $400
​Scientists regard unexpected clogging of manifold tubes to be the largest contributor to assay failure. Cleaning these tubes is a time consuming and labor intensive process.  With optional patenteUltrasonic Advantage, BioTek washers are the only products available today with built in ultrasonic cleaners able to automatically prime with cleaning solution, sonicate tubes to remove any protein or salt crystal build up and re-prime with rinse or wash buffer leaving the instrument clean and ready for its next wash.

Ultrasonic cleaning involves the rapid formation and violent collapse of minute vacuum bubbles that implode on surface contact. This agitation by countless small and intense imploding bubbles creates a highly effective scrubbing of both the inside and outside of the washer manifold tubes. Cavitation, as this process is called, is produced by the Ultrasonic Advantage technology, which automatically pulses the ultrasonic energy into a liquid filled built-in cleaning reservoir in which the washer’s manifold tubes are fully submerged. Even heavy buildup from protein and salt crystals is dissolved from within the tubes.