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Sku: BLE160910/BLE160911
Manufacturer: Eppendorf
Optional Channel Tools - Single Channel $1,800.00 each 
TS 100 (400-1000µL)
​TS 300 (20-300µL)
TS 50 (1-50µL)
Optional Channel Tools - 8 Channel $2,600.00 each ​
TM 1000-8 (400-1000µL)
TM 300-8 (20-300µL)
TM 50-8 (1-50µL)
Eppendorf epMotion 5075 automated pipetting workstation enables fast and reproducible liquid handling for a variety of applications. The 5075 VAC system can pipette from single tubes, plates or reservoirs to 24-, 96- and 384-well plate formats as well as handling specified labware with a gripper tool. Applications include dispensing from a supply (eg, from a supply tub to a 384-well plate), transferring samples from individual tubes, dilution and mixing of samples and automation of the dispensing steps of diverse methods such as nucleic acid purification, PCR setup, cleanup of sequencing reactions, etc. An integrated vacuum station can also be used for high throughput nucleic acid isolation and purification. 

  • Maintenance-free piston-stroke dispensing system
  • Precise, reproducible dispensing from 1 µl to 1,000 µl
  • Automatic exchange of all tools (three volume ranges, single- or 8-channel)
  • Labware handling with gripper tool
  • Optical Sensor for high-precision and contact-free liquid level sensing as well as recognition of tips and labware
  • epMotion Editor software package for generating and editing methods as well as printing and archiving program processes; the drag-and-drop interface is extremely easy to use and intuitive
  • Labware database with more than 300 validated entries can be used to individually compile the system configuration in relation to plates, tubes and liquidclasses.

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