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Sku: BLE1601109
Category: Centrifuge Rotors
Manufacturer: Eppendorf
  • Fixed-angle kit rotor with maximum rotational speed of 14,680 RPM or relative centrifugal force (rcf) of 18,111 x g
  • 18-place tube array holds miniprep spin columns and 1.5/ 2.0 mL tubes
  • High rim lid design allows tubes to remain open during centrifugation
  • For use with Eppendorf microcentrifuge model 5424 (sold separately)

​This Eppendorf 18-place miniprep spin column fixed-angle rotor with an extra-high rimmed lid (F-45-18-11-Kit) is for use with microcentrifuge models 5424. The rotor has a maximum rotational speed of 14,680 RPM, relative centrifugal force (rcf) of 18,111 x g, and is used for centrifugation of standard application lab samples. The rotor has an 18-place tube array that holds miniprep spin columns and 1.5 mL/2.0 mL tubes, and it comes with a lid that has an extra-high rim design to allow tube lids to remain open during centrifugation, preventing torn lids. This fixed-angle rotor is an accessory for use with Eppendorf centrifuge model 5424, which spins biological lab samples at high speeds to separate cellular material into component parts. Eppendorf manufactures instruments for cell manipulation, and automated devices for liquid handling, for use in life science research laboratories. The company was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1945, and has its headquarters there.