GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is one of the subsidiaries of General Electric, an American multinational conglomerate. Operating in over 160 countries, they provide their customers with all sorts of lab equipment like spectrometers, HPLCs, FPLCs and purifiers to name a few.
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GE BPG 300 500 Chromatography Column

GE Healthcare BPG 300 500 Glass Chromatography Column Maximum Volume: 78L Maximum Filling Mass: 51kg On Wheels Specifications: Standard Metric Manufacturer Name GE Healthcare   CE Marked: YES YES Model:...

GE Healthcare Blades - IR/50

GE Healthcare Blades - IR/50 GE blades for BioWelders

GE Healthcare BPG 450-500 Chromatography Column Glass


GE Healthcare Pump20-L

GE Healthcare Pump20-L   Code no. 28943705  Voltage 24V Max Current 100mA

GE Healthcare Pump20-R

GE Healthcare Pump20-R   Code no. 28943706   voltage 24 V Max Current 100mA

GE Sievers 900 TOC Analyzer with Optional Autosampler and PC

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GE Xcellerex XDR-1000 Stainless Steel 1000L Bioreactor

The XDR Single-Use Bioreactor is a fully-integrated system that delivers proven stirred-tank performance across a wide range of cell lines. Single use technology eliminates time consuming and costly clean in...

NEW - In Original Box GE Healthcare Hot Lips II Tube Sealer

The seal forms a tamperproof and leakproof closure for securing tubes from bags, bottles, and other vessels. The Hot Lips Tube Sealer is preprogrammed for many brands of tubing, is...

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