Lauda Brinkmann

One cannot talk about temperature control devices and systems without talking about Lauda, the worldwide leader in that field. From recirculating chillers, all the way to machines capable of temperature ranges between -150 and 400 degrees celsius, hot or cold, Lauda builds it.
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Brinkmann Titermix 100 Microplate Shaker

Dimensions (approx.): 10"W x 12"D x 5"H (outside) Electrical: 115 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 30W Offers a non-skid platform for mixing four microtiter plates  with even distribution for each well.  Features...

Lauda Alpha RA12 Chiller

  Click here to see the Specification Manual

Lauda Integral XT150 (Cat No LWP812) Chiller

Working temperature range -45 °C ... 220 °CTemperature control at -10 °C. Ethanol. with 5 L ext. volume± 0.05 °C​Ambient temperature range 5 °C ... 40 °C208-220 V; 60 Hz Process thermostat...

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