Lyophilizers / Freeze Dryers

Freeze drying goes all the way back to 1890, when Richard Altmann developed a technique allowing him to lyophilize dry tissues, be it plant or animal. It took a lot of effort to get freeze drying to where it is today, and our homage to these endeavors at Boston Laboratory Equipment is providing you with a wide variety of lyophilizers at affordable prices.

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FTS LyoStar II Lyophilizer

The LyoStar II features RTD-controlled shelf temperature accuracy of +/- 0.5°C or better and vacuum control within 0.1% of set-point. Its robust 5.5 hp cascade refrigeration system enables shelf pull...

Labconco Freezone 4.5

The Labconco FreeZone 4.5 Liter Console Freeze Dryer is a compact laboratory lyophilizer with ice holding capacity for light to moderate sample loads. This freeze dryer system has a permanently...

Labconco Freezone 6 Plus

Labconco Freezone 6 Plus   Attributes Region: International Collector Temperature: -84° C, -119° F Conformance: CE Ice Holding Capacity: 6L Options Included: Corrosion-Resistant Collector, Purge Valve, Mini Chamber Plug Type: Schuko Style: Console Vacuum Pump Displacement Required: 98...

Labconco Shell Freezer

Specifications Estimated Shipping Weight: 95.0 lbs Estimated Shipping Weight metric: 43.0 kg Dimensions: 14.5" w x 22.1" d x 19.7" h Dimensions metric: 36.8 x 56.1 x 50.0 cm Electrical: 230 volts, 60 Hz, 2.5...

SP Scientific FM25EL-85

Specification EL Maximum Low Condenser Temperature (°C)   60Hz or 50Hz -85C / -82C Maximum Low Temperature for Optional Shell Bath (°C) 60Hz / 50Hz -70C / -67C Condenser Capacity in...

SP Scientific Lyostar 3 - Lyophilizer/Freezer Dryer

SP Scientific Lyostar 3 - Lyophilizer/Freezer Dryer S/n 328091

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