YSI Lifesciences

YSI Lifesciences, now a Xylem brand, traces back its origins to Ohio, 1948, where a three-man-parternship gave birth to what is today a multi-million company that produces and sells a panoply of biochemistry analyzers, and other products.
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YSI 2700-D SELECT Biochemistry Analyzer

Specifications Analyzer Aspirated sample volume: User selects 5 to 65 microliters  Analysis time: 60 seconds  Precision: <2% cv, n=10  Linearity: ±5%, calibration value to range maximum Calibration: User selects frequency Size: 35.6 x...

YSI 2900D BioChemistry Analyzer

  YSI 2900D BioChemistry Analyzer Specifications Manufacturer YSI Model 2900D Sample size Adjustable from 10 to 50 microliters (aspirated volume), per module Response time Enzyme sensors Sample results in 60...

YSI 2950D-3 Biochemistry Analyzer

Benchtop YesCertifications ETL, RoHS, CECompliance21 CFR, Part 11GAMP® 5Connectivity / Communications USB, EthernetGraphic Display YesMeasurement RangeGlucose: 0.05-25 g/L, Lactate: 0.05-2.70 g/L, Glutamate: 15-1460 mg/L, Glutamine: 30-1169 mg/L, Ammonium: 10-500 mg/L, Potassium:...

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