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Sku: BLE1800125
Manufacturer: Agilent
System Includes:
Agilent 8000 Bath/Autosampler
Agilent 808 Filter Changer
​Agilent 806 Syringe Pump

​The 8000 Dissolution Sampling Station enables automated sampling, thereby eliminating a tedious manual process. Designed specifically for dissolution testing, the 8000 can be configured with a variety of dissolution apparatus. The combination of the 8000 with the Peristaltic Pump, or with the Filter Changer and Syringe Pump, takes you to the next step in dissolution testing automation. The integrated system provides accurate and efficient sampling at each time point.

  • Efficient. Automated features make sampling simple and quick. The system allows unattended dissolution testing and minimizes the inaccuracies in sampling position and volumes associated with manual sampling
  • Flexible. The 8000 can be integrated with either conventional dissolution apparatus as well as with Apparatus 3 and 7. Choose the configuration that works best for you
  • Accurate. Agilent's Syringe and Peristaltic Pumps ensure highly accurate and reproducible volumetric sampling at the correct time points, without sample mix-ups common with manual sampling
  • The patented auto calibration block ensures accurate volume removal and replacement
  • Time-saving integration. No need to independently program your dissolution apparatus. Use the Sealed Switch-type keypad to program the method parameters for both the 8000 and your Agilent dissolution apparatus
  • Automated. The 8000 Dissolution Sampling Station eliminates the tedious task of manual sampling and accommodates up to 10 time points in a variety of sampling tubes and vials. Septum piercing capability eliminates over-pressurizing the vials during filling
  • Complete documentation. The built-in Report Center Printer provides easy-to-read hard-copy printouts of comprehensive test data, even while the instrument is unattended

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