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BPG columns are glass chromatography columns designed to meet the needs of process development and biopharmaceutical manufacture; hygienic design and operation; easy, efficient packing and running with the single-screw adapter.

  • Scalable from 100 mm to 450 mm.
  • Pressure rating from 2.5 Bar to 8 Bar, depending on column size.
  • Glass column tube allows efficient and reproducible packing.
  • Material Certificates Reports (BPG MCR) available for ordering.
  • Installation and Operational Qualification Documentation Packages available.
  • Hygienic design and operation. Microbial attachment and growth is prevented through the use of calibrated precision glass, high-grade electropolished stainless steel and an absence of dead pockets.
  • Easy, efficient packing and running with the single-screw adapter.
  • All polymeric materials meet the requirements for USP class VI, described in USP <88> Biological Reactivity Tests, in vivo

BPG columns are glass columns designed for use in the production of biopharmaceuticals or any product made in a regulated or current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) environment. The columns are manufactured with materials carefully selected for their compatibility with the solvents most commonly used in biopharmaceutical manufacture. All polymeric materials are approved according to USP Class VI tests for toxicity.

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