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Sku: BLE1800323
Category: Chillers
Manufacturer: Lauda Brinkmann
Working temperature range -45 °C ... 220 °C
Temperature control at -10 °C. Ethanol. with 5 L ext. volume± 0.05 °C
Ambient temperature range 5 °C ... 40 °C
208-220 V; 60 Hz

  • Process thermostat with integrated cooling system for dynamic temperature control in external circuits
  • Back-lit graphic LCD display with high resolution and different display modes
  • Additional green LED display for temperature
  • Input either via cursor keys, numeric soft keys or both. Additional Tmax key for overtemperature
  • Command console can be detached and used as remote control
  • EasyUse system for simple operation of the whole unit
  • SelfCheck Assistant for system diagnosis
  • Fully electronic continuous controller with PID action for internal and external control
  • PowerAdapt system for the use of the maximum possible amount of heat as long as permitted by the power supply system
  • Low-level protection and adjustable over-temperature protection with acoustic alarm. Float switch for identifying of low or high level
  • Powerful LAUDA Variopump (pressure pump) with 8 selectable output levels or control of outflow pressure
  • Optically decoupled RS 232/485 interface integrated as a standard
  • Option for upgrading with up to 2 interfaces (RS 232/485, Profibus, analogue or contact modules)
  • Programmer with 150 temperature/time segments that can be separated into 5 programs
  • Timer function for switching on the thermostat, entering the stand-by mode or running of programs
  • Digital display of pump pressure
  • Very small internal volume and big non-thermostated expansion vessel (cold fluid layer system)
  • SmartCool system for energy-saving digital cooling management including compressor on-off control
  • Condenser cooling Air

Working temperature range -45 °C ... 220 °C
Ambient temperature range 5 °C ... 40 °C
Temperature control at -10 °C. Ethanol. with 5 L ext. volume ± 0.05 °C
Cooling output (pump level 2) 
200 °C 1.5 kW
100 °C 1.5 kW
20 °C 1.5 kW
0 °C 1.1 kW
-20 °C 0.62 kW
-40 °C 0.06 kW
Heater capacity max. 3.5 kW
Pump pressure max. 2.9 bar
Pump flow max. 45 L/min
Pump connections M 30 x 1.5 M (DN 20)
Filling volume min./max. 2.6/8.1 L
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H) 335 x 550 x 660 mm


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