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The Tandem PRO is a self-contained O2 & CO2 gas analyzer. The PRO system comes with an internal gas pump and programmable display. It includes calibration functions, error reporting and dual 4-20mA outputs. An RS232 output is included for integration into control systems.
The Tandem PRO is incredible value and offers you all these benefits:
  • Greater understanding of your cells and processes
  • Physiological state measurement on-line
  • Scale-up and scale-down predictions
  • Batch variation studies: feature analysis
  • Metabolic flux analysis and mass-balance calculations
Increase the reliability and repeatability of your processes
  • Accurate fed-batch control
  • Repeatable event decisions: induction, infection, harvesting etc.
  • Batch variation studies: anomaly analysis
Automate your processes
  • Metabolic activity based feeding
  • Repeatable event decisions: induction, infection, harvesting etc.
Dedicated, continuous, standard signals for all your reactors
  • On-line information, allows real-time calculation of RQ, CER, OUR, growth rate, KLa etc.
  • 0-10V and 4-20mA, with RS232 on PRO & Multiplex
  • Integrates to any reactor size (250ml – 100m3)


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