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Sku: BLE1800368
Category: Balances
Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo
  • Maximum Capacity 2100 g
  • Readability 10 mg


Excellence XS precision balances are designed for highest efficiency in everyday operation. They combine speed, reliability and ease of use in a way never achieved before.

Features and Benefits High-speed results: To get your work done faster. The new MonoblocHighspeed weighing cell with a separate processor as measurement accelerator reduces settling time - stabilization time - up to 20 %. Thanks to FACT fully automatic internal adjustment, the XS guarantees most precise results. Year-in, year-out.

Reliability: Made for hard work. The full metal housing of the XS provides protection against corrosive chemicals and prevents the ingress of dust and liquids. The built-in overload protection ensures durability - for long lasting full reliability.

Easy-to-use: Intuitive operation, simple and self-explanatory. The convenient touch-screen display guides the user directly and safely. DeltaTrac shows the remaining available weighing range at a glance. The alphanumeric keypad allows easy sample identification.

Clear text dialogue in multiple languages. 

Connectivity: Pacesetting interface flexibility - including Ethernet, wireless Bluetooth and PS/2 - for efficient data capture and simple network integration.

Know one, know all: Consistent user interface on all METTLER TOLEDO Excellence balances cuts user training costs - and helps to eliminate operator errors.

Standard Features 

  • Backlit graphic display with touchscreen operation
  • FACT fully automatic temperature-controlled internal adjustment
  • Overload protection
  • Weighing pan made from stainless steel, with draft ring or draft shield depending on resolution
  • Fold-out stabilizing feet for all 10 mg and 0.01 g models
  • RS232 interface and two auxiliary connections built in. Slot for second freely selectable interface (7 options)
  • Protective cover for terminal and weighing platform
  • Feedthrough for below-the-balance weighing (option)  

Specifications - XS2002S Precision Balance 

  • Maximum Capacity 2100 g
  • Readability 10 mg
  • Taring range 0...2100 g
  • Repeatability 8 mg
  • Linearity 20 mg
  • Eccentric Load 30 mg
  • Adjustment with internal weights FACT, fully automatic calibration technology
  • Adjustmen with external weights custom weights
  • Sensitivity Accuracy 2.5x10^-5·R_nt
  • Temperatur Coefficient of Sensitivity 3x10^-6/°C·R_nt
  • Sensitivity Stability 2.5x10^-5/a·R_nt
  • Settling time (typical) 1.2 s
  • Update rate of the interface 23/s
  • Dimensions of the balance 366 x 194 x 96 mm (W x D x H)
  • Size of weighing pan 170 x 205 mm (W x D)

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