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Manufacturer: Miltenyi Biotec


Converging  capable  cell  analysis   with  compact  convenience The MACSQuant® Analyzer provides best in class flow cytometry to researchers working in a wide range of fields:   from molecular interactions, pharmacokinetics, and cell biology to systems and marine biology and biophysics. Best in class flow cytometry with   unmatched  convenience Whether working with one or 96 samples, setting up your experiment  on  the  MACSQuant  Analyzer  couldn’t  be  easier. Complete convenience •Runexperimentsinastraightforwardmanner: from  instrument  startup  to  final  analysis •Walk-awayprocessingofupto96samplesinasinglerun •Experiencehassle-freeinstrumenthousekeeping,calibration, and compensation Powerful performance •Carryoutmultiparametriccellanalysisviathreelasersand up to ten optical channels •Performsophisticatedphenotypicanalysisandfunctional studies, e.g., cell cycle, apoptosis, and cell proliferation   analysis on a variety of cell types, such as whole blood,   cell lines, and yeast


Laser Violet 405 nm Blue 488 nm Red 635 nm Blue 488 nm Channel V1 V2* B1 B2 B3 B4 Filter  (nm) 450/50 525/50 Dye or parameter CFP, VioBlue® Pacific Orange™ 525/50 585/40 655-730 750  LP R1 R2 FSC SSC 655-730 750  LP 488/10 488/10 GFP,  FITC PE PI,  PerCP,  PE-Cy®  5.5 PE-Cy7 APC APC-Cy7 Size Granularity