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Sku: BLE1900011
Manufacturer: Sotax
System Includes:

AT 70Smart Dissolution System
CP7 Pump
C615 Fraction Collector

he SOTAX AT 7smart Dissolution Tester is the ideal system for automated dissolution tests based on the stirrer methods. Using the standard RS-232 interface, test temperature, stirrer speed, automated tablet drop and start/ stop functions can be triggered and monitored from a PC through WinSOTAX Advanced Dissolution Software.

The modular nature of SOTAX systems permits substantially custom-designed automation solutions for virtually all dissolution test routines. Apart from the great user-friendliness, SOTAX automation systems ensure high operational reliability, guaranteeing optimum reproducibility of the dissolution tests performed.

Initially built for USP 4 purposes, the CP 7-35  Pump is a valveless and self-priming piston pump that has some unique features. With 7 independent ceramic piston pump heads, LCD display and a unique scroll knob, CP 7-35 allows the user to set immediately a general flow rate (or 7 different flow rates) from 1.5 to 35ml/min. CP 7-35 can also be fully driven by WinSOTAX software. This pump is maintenance-free and can be validated with an external balance or automatically with an automated calibration station including a balance. A calibration report is printed out at the end with date, serial number, values and deviations.