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Sku: BLE1700231
Manufacturer: Sotax
The SOTAX HT 10 Tablet Hardness Tester is an optimal tester for all In-Process Check Rooms and to improve efficiency in production. It offers the same measuring capabilities as the HT 1 but automates the entire process for up to 20 tablets for thickness, diameter, and hardness. Interfaced with an external balance, weights can also be recorded for a single printout. It is fully supported by IQ and OQ documentation and user training.

  • The SOTAX HT 10 Tablet Hardness Tester is equipped with the unique Auto Alignment™ device (patented) instantly aligns the sample to the correct measurement position for hardness testing.
  • The hardness can be measured in a range from 2–1000 N as standard. The measurement principle of tablet hardness can be changed from "Constant Speed" (where the test jaw is moved at a constant speed adjustable from 5–200 mm/min.) to "Constant Force" (where the test jaw increases force linearly adjustable from 5–100 N/sec). This feature is easily selected before each test and can be used to compare and reproduce results for all common hardness testers available on the market as well as an excellent research tool.
  • The SOTAX HT 10 Tablet Hardness Tester is manufactured from high quality materials. The housing is made of galvanized, powder-coated sheet steel. No regular maintenance is needed.

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