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Sku: BLE1601048
Manufacturer: SP Scientific
SP Scientific Genevac Rocket Evaporation
  • Year     Nov 2012
  • Model  RKCM-12060-SNW
  • Digital Display
The Rocket Evaporator can be used either to dry samples completely, or to concentrate them to a small volume.

Dries or concentrates up to six 450ml, flasks, or 18 ASE tubes unattended.

This system offered several options to achieve the best results in the desired sample format.

Mechanical data
  • Maximum speed 1800rpm
  • Maximum G-force 700g
  • Drive system Direct drive
  • Maximum Sample load 6 x 450ml 
  • Maximum imbalance 50g

Vacuum system
  • Pressure display 0-1200mbar
  • Pressure control Automatic, 3mbar to atmosphere
  • System ultimate vacuum 3mbar
  • Bumping protection Dri-Pure®

Temperature and control
  • Control range Ambient +5°C to 60°C
  • Control accuracy ±1°C
  • Temperature sensing via thermistor
  • Display range 0°C to 60°C
  • End of method Time or automatic 
  • Visualisation Via built in strobe (optional)

Solvent compatibility
  • Boiling point range 40°C to 160°C at ambient
  • Includes Alcohols, DCM/methylene chloride, 
  • DMF, ethyl acetate, water, TFA
  • HCl Not compatible
  • Di-ethyl ether Only with Inert Gas Purge option

  • Width x Depth x Height 720 x 640 x 530mm
  • Headspace required 755mm (lid open)
  • Weight 75kg

  • USA 120V (±10%), 60Hz, 15A
  • USB A For data upload / download
  • Deionised water 50K to 1M Ohm, 
  • Approx 100ml per day

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