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Sku: BLE1700626
Manufacturer: Varian

System Includes: 

Vk 7000 Dissolution Tester (Model 10-1920)
VK 750D Heater Circulator (Model 65-3000)
Peristaltic Pump (Model 17-2000)
VK 8000 Auto Sampler (Model 15-1400)

The VK 7000 and VK 7010 models are designed with automation and flexibility in mind. These microprocessor-controlled instruments allow for easy manual sampling and are designed to interface directly with the VK 8000 Autosampling Station and with the VK 750D External heater circulator.

VK 7000/7010 Standard Features

  •  Motorized drive unit for easy automation
  •  Unique time-saving features including automatic start, EaseAlign centering rings, and individual clutch control
  • Display Information- The 4-line, 40-character LCD operational monitor
  • Built-in Alarms – warned of any temperature deviations ,power outages and  upcoming calibration date.
  • Parameter Programming including:
  •  Delayed start
  •  RPM (10 - 250 RPM)
  •  Length of test
  •  Temperature
  •  Infinity spin
  • Timed Wake-up
  • Spindle Motor Monitor
  • Printer
  • Water Bath
  • Easy Drain

VK 8000 Dissolution Sampling Station

• Designed and built for one purpose—dissolution sampling
• Operates as an integrated system for fully automated sampling
• Patented auto-calibration block (when used with peristaltic pump)
• Septum piercing capability—eliminates evaporative loss
• Retains up to 15 programs—including all pertinent dissolution apparatus parameters (when used with Varian dissolution apparatus)

The VK 8000 automates the tedious task of manually pulling samples. The sampling station can be configured with new dissolution apparatus or retrofitted to older models. It is flexible enough to sample up to ten timepoints on a single tray (or twenty when two programs are linked). Media replacement is available as an option. Offered with Peristaltic Pump.

VK 8000  with Peristaltic Pump

The VK 8000 is normally configured with a specially designed Peristaltic Pump. The bidirectional Peristaltic Pump is specifically designed to be used in dissolution (even allowing the use of surfactants without excessive foaming). By reversing directions, the lines can be purged while at the same time backflushing either in line or cannula tip filters. When used in conjunction with the patented autocalibration block, you are assured of accurate volume removal and replacement. We are able to achieve accurate volume removal using a Peristaltic Pump because the amount withdrawn is based on the time the sample valve is open to dispense. This time constant is different for each sampling line. In this manner, we are able to accurately withdraw to ± 0.5 mL.

Height 16 in.  40.6 cm
Width    16 in. 40.6 cm
Depth     20 in. 50.8 cm
Weight:    72 lb/32.4 kg


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