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Sku: BLE1700063
Manufacturer: Varian
The Vankel Varian dissolution apparatus includes:
  • VK 7000 Dissolution system model 10-1200 with printer
  • VK 750D External heater circulator 
  •  6x 1 Liter Glass Vessels temp probe
  • 6x paddles
OPTIONAL - Basket Type Stirrer set in addition to or instead of paddles - $900.00
The VK 7000are designed with automation and flexibility in mind. These microprocessor-controlled instruments allow for easy manual sampling and are designed to interface directly with the VK 750D External heater circulator.

VK 7000 Standard Features
  •  Motorized drive unit for easy automation
  •  Unique time-saving features including automatic start, EaseAlign centering rings, and individual clutch control
  • Display Information- The 4-line, 40-character LCD operational monitor
  • Built-in Alarms – warned of any temperature deviations ,power outages and  upcoming calibration date.
  • Parameter Programming including:
  •  Delayed start
  •  RPM (10 - 250 RPM)
  •  Length of test
  •  Temperature
  •  Infinity spin
  • Timed Wake-up
  • Spindle Motor Monitor
  • Printer
  • Water Bath
  • Easy Drain
VK 750D External heater circulator

115V, 60 Hz with VK 750D Heater/Circulator Bench top, all purpose, precision heater/circulator is designed expressly for use with some models of Varian dissolution testing instrumentation. It monitors water bath temperature directly using a remote thermistor which is placed in the water bath. RS-232 serial ports offer digital control and communication. The VK 750D also has a front panel keypad with easy to-read digital display of the temperature to within 0.1 ºC and heaters for rapid achievement of set temperature.

VK 750D External Heater/Circulator Specifications
  • Accuracy:  ± 0.1 ºC
  • Internal Volume:  <1 liter
  • Circulation Capacity:  ~10 liters/minute
  • Environment Temperature Range:  Ambient to 75 ?C
  • Dimensions and  Size:  
Height    8.25 in.  20.96 cm
Width    15.25 in.  38.74 cm
Depth      7.25 in.  18.42 cm