Centrifuge Rotors

Fixed angle rotors or swinging buckets, our centrifuge rotors will undoubtedly spin you (and your samples) off your feet!

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Beckman 80 Ti Centrifuge Rotor

Model 80 TI, 80,000 RPM, 8 x 13.5 mL In excellent condition, comes with our 30 day money back warranty Inspected and ready to ship   Click here to see the...

Beckman 80 Ti Centrifuge Rotor

Model 80 TI, 80,000 RPM, 8 x 13.5 mL In excellent condition, comes with our 30 day money back warranty Inspected and ready to ship  Click here to see the User...

Beckman Coulter 50 Ti Centrifuge Rotor

Some cosmetic blemishes, does not effect the performance of the centrifuge  The Beckman Ti50 fixed angle rotor has the capacity to hold 6 x 94 ml tubes and spin up...

Beckman Coulter 50.2 Ti Rotor

Platform Floor PrepRotor Type Fixed-Angle (Ultracentrifugation)Angle 24Maximum RPM 50,000 rpmk-Factor 69Number of Tubes 12 39.00; mL 25.00 / 12 39.00; mL 0.984251968503937Nominal Capacity 468.00|mLrMAX 107.9rMIN 54.4rAV 81.2 mmBioSafe Bio-EnhancedMaterials Titanium ...

Beckman Coulter 60 Ti Centrifuge Rotor

Good Working Condition. Tested and ready to ship! Max RPM: 60,000 Max g-force: 290,000 x g R min: 7.2 cm R av: 6.5 cm Max Capacity: 3 analytical cells, 1 counterbalance 

Beckman Coulter 70.1 Ti Rotor

Platform Floor Prep Rotor Type Fixed-Angle (Ultracentrifugation) Angle 24 Maximum RPM 70,000 rpm k-Factor 36 Number of Tubes 12 13.50; mL 16.00 / 12 13.50; mL 0.62992125984252 Caps and Spacers 342695 │ 344676 │ 345828 │361670 Nominal...

Beckman Coulter 75TI Centrifuge Rotor

​Fixed Angle rotor Beckman Type 75 Ti, 8x13,5 ml, 16x76 mm, 75.000 rpm Click here to see the User Manual

Beckman Coulter 90Ti Fixed Angle Rotor

Platform Floor Prep Rotor Type Fixed-Angle (Ultracentrifugation) Angle 25 Maximum RPM 90,000 rpm k-Factor 25 Number of Tubes 8x14 mL / 16x76 mm(8x14 mL / 1x3 in) Caps and Spacers...

Beckman Coulter FX301.5 Fixed Angle Rotor

Platform Allegra 21 Rotor Type Fixed-Angle (General Purpose) Angle 45 Maximum RPM 16,000 rpm k-Factor 519 Number of Tubes 30 2.20; mL 11.00 / 30 2.20; mL 0.43 Nominal Capacity 66.00|mL rMAX 100 rMIN 67 rAV 84 mm Materials Aluminum 

Beckman Coulter JA-14 Rotor

Specifications Platform Avanti Rotor Type Fixed-Angle (High Performance) Maximum RPM 14,000 rpm k-Factor 1,764 Nominal Capacity 1,500.00|mL rMAX 137 rMIN 35 rAV 86 mm

Beckman Coulter JA-18.1 Centrifuge Rotor In Original Box

JA-18.1 Fixed-Angle Rotor, Aluminum Includes 24 reversible adapters that provide 18,000 rpm maximum speed. Tubes are not included. In the J2-HC, maximum speeds are reduced to 15,000 rpm at 45°...

Beckman Coulter JA-20.1 Fixed Angle Rotor for Sale

Good working condition. Includes 30 day money back guarantee!! ​For use with Avanti™ J-26 XP and XPIBK393124 series and J-EBK369001 and J6-MIBK360291 centrifuges Application: High-Force, Large-Volume Separation of Particles with 100S...

Beckman Coulter JLA-8.1000 Fixed Angle Rotor

For use in Avanti J-26 XP Series and Avanti J-26S Series centrifuges. Major applications: General purpose, large-volume processing, pelleting of bacteria, cell organelles, viruses, and precipitates. Empty rotor weight: 16.8...

Beckman Coulter JS-4.2 Swing Bucket Rotor

Platform J6 Rotor Type Swinging-Bucket (High Performance) Maximum RPM 4,200 rpm k-Factor 11,500 Nominal Capacity 6 L rMAX 254 rMIN 114 rAV 184 mm Materials Anodized Aluminum  Click here to see the Manual

Beckman Coulter JS-5.0 Rotor

Specifications​Platform AvantiRotor Type Swinging-Bucket (High Performance)Maximum RPM 5,000 rpmk-Factor 9,171Nominal Capacity 9.00|LrMAX 267rMIN 108rAV 188 mmMaterials Anodized Aluminum 

Beckman Coulter MLA-55 Fixed Angle Rotor

Maximum RPM 55,000 rpm k-Factor 55 at 7 mL, 8 at 2 mL Number of Tubes 7.00; mL / 7.00; mL rMAX 14.6 rMIN 2.5 BioSafe Bio-Enhanced Materials Aluminum 

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