Centrifuge Rotors

Fixed angle rotors or swinging buckets, our centrifuge rotors will undoubtedly spin you (and your samples) off your feet!

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Beckman Coulter MLA-55 Fixed Angle Rotor

Maximum RPM 55,000 rpm k-Factor 55 at 7 mL, 8 at 2 mL Number of Tubes 7.00; mL / 7.00; mL rMAX 14.6 rMIN 2.5 BioSafe Bio-Enhanced Materials Aluminum 

Beckman Coulter SX4750 Rotor

SX4750 Swinging-Bucket Rotor Assembly, Stainless Steel/Aluminum, Major applications: Rapid sedimentation of protein precipitates, large particles, cells, and cell debris. Product Features: Cell Culture Flask Adapters, Modular Disk Adapters, Exclusive Aerosolve...

Beckman Coulter TLA 100.2 Fixed Angle Rotor

Platform Tabletop UCF Rotor Type Fixed-Angle (Ultracentrifugation) Maximum RPM 120,000 rpm k-Factor 15,560 Number of Tubes 10 2.00; mL 11.00 / 10 2.00; mL 0.43 rMAX 161 rMIN 75.3 BioSafe Bio-Certified Materials Titanium

Beckman Coulter TLA 100.4 Ultracentrifuge Rotor

Specifications: Capacity: 8 x 5.1mL Max Speed: 100,000 RPM Max RCF (x g): 543,000x g Angle: 28° k factor: 16 Material: Titanium  Click here to see the User Manual

Beckman Coulter TS-5.1-500 Centrifuge Rotor

Platform Allegra 25 Rotor Type Swinging-Bucket (General Purpose) Angle 90 Maximum RPM 5,100 rpm k-Factor 7,600 Number of Tubes 4x500 mL / 85x135 mm(4x500 mL / 3x5 in) Nominal Capacity...

Beckman Coulter Type 19 Centrifuge Rotor

Click here to see the Manual  

Beckman Coulter Type 42.1 Rotor

Specifications: Maximum Speed: 42000 rpm Maximum RCF: 195,000 rpm K factor: 133 rpm Capacity: 308 mL (8 x 38.5 mL) Dimensions: 25 x 89 mm Maximum Volume: 24 mL

Beckman Coulter Type-16 Centrifuge Rotor

Max Speed RMP 16,000 Relative Centrifugal Field xg at r max 39,300 K factor 1350 Number of Tubes x Nominal Capacity (mL) 6x250 Nominal Rotor Capacity (mL) 1500 

Beckman JA-20 Centrifuge Rotor for Sale

  Click here to see the User Manual 

Beckman JA-21 Centrifuge Rotor

​UNSPSC:41103909 Rotor Type:High Performance - Fixed Angle Maximum Speed:21,000 rpm Maximum RCF at r max (g):50,400 x g k-Factor:470 Rotor Material:Anodized Aluminum Imbalance Tolerance:2 g r min:45.0 mm r av:73.0 mm r...

Beckman JA-21 Centrifuge Rotor for Sale

This unit is in excellent working condition and comes with our 30 days money back warranty  Aluminum, 18-place fixed-angle rotor for use in Avanti™ J-26 XP and XPI (BK393124 series), J6-MI...

Beckman JLA 10.500 Centrifuge Rotor

​Platform AvantiRotor Type Fixed-Angle (High Performance)Maximum RPM 10,000 rpmk-Factor 2,850Nominal Capacity 3,000.00|mLrMAX 166rMIN 54rAV 110 mmBioSafe Biosafety Liquid CanistersMaterials Anodized Aluminum 

Beckman JLA-16.250 Centrifuge Rotor

JLA-16.250 Fixed-Angle Rotor with Single Lock Lid, Aluminum. Major applications: General purpose, large-volume and multitube processing. Lightweight alternative to conventional 250 rotors; empty rotor weight is 10.3 kg (22.7 lb)....

Beckman MLA-130 Centrifuge Rotor

Specifications: Maximum Speed: 130,000 rpm  Maximum RCF at r max (g): 1,019,000 x g k-Factor: 8.7 Rotor Material: Titanium r min: 29.9 mm r av: 41.9 mm r max: 53.9 mm Nominal Rotor Capacity: 20 mL Number of...

Beckman MLA-80 Ultra Centrifuge Rotor for Sale

  Rotor Type:Ultra - Fixed Angle  Maximum Speed: 80,000 rpm Maximum RCF at r max (g): 444,000 x g k-Factor: 29 Rotor Material: Titanium r min: 29.5 mm r av: 45.7 mm...

Beckman SW 65K Rotor

SW 65K, High Speed 65,000 RPM 

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